Don’t hide . . .

Friends, let us pray …

     and pray

            and pray some more.

We are living in such a tough time. The news is sad. I still do not want to believe that TODAY, May 1, 2014, there is a murder trial going on right here in our small little county. It breaks my heart as I think of the Murphy family – I truly cannot imagine their emotions. Their innocent 17 year- old daughter was doing what any teenager would enjoy, just heading off to do some shopping on a Saturday afternoon. That particular day, Alexis would leave home for what would turn out to be her last departure from there.

I have struggled with this. I hurt for Laura Ann and Troy (parents of Alexis), and her extended family. Why do people do mean things? What has happened to our world that we cannot do routine ‘stuff’ without the fear of being attacked? I’ve always considered myself protective, but this has caused me to be even more so – I cannot preach enough safety to my girls. I am also more aware of my surroundings and people around me when I venture out to new places.

So yeah, this morning, I’m just heavy-hearted. I have prayed and will continue doing so. There are many that are suffering and experiencing their own valleys. Our world as we once knew it is changing. In fact, turning on the news has become more about learning what ‘bad stuff’ did happen in the community, and how to maintain our own safety.

It saddens me, but I know that only thing I can do when I get so burdened is to hold on to the truth from my Heavenly Father. He is with me, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He promised to never leave nor forsake me (Hebrews 13:5). I know because of Him, I can do all things (Phil 4:13). I know I can seek refuge through Him (Deuteronomy 33:27). The only thing I can really do in situations like this is pray … to fall to my knees and cry out to Him, asking for strength to conquer the next steps. I cannot hide, I must face the obstacle and keep on keeping on, staying focused on Him and allowing Him to lead me through the tough times.

We had an awesome service last night about ‘hiding from God’. I do not want to reach a point in my life where God has to question “where are you Amy”, as He did with Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:9). If I get myself in bad places, I pray for His forgiveness and mercy. I strive to have Him as my focus in all I do; to surround myself with people and situations that encourage my spiritual growth. In times of temptation, I pray that I can step back and seek His presence even more and let Him take control. In times, just like today and this week, when things are falling apart around me, I pray for His presence and guidance, that I may not fall, but stay even closer to Him.

Thanks for allowing me to share my random thoughts this morning –they’ve been weighing heavily on me all week – I am restless, I am weak. I need to feel His presence in a very mighty way. Please join me in prayer …

“Heavenly Father, I am hurting this morning Father. I love you and praise you for so many blessings in my life. I ask that you forgive me of my sins and just lead me Father along the straight and narrow path. I pray that when I am weak, as I am feeling today, that you might give me support and strength to get through the next steps. I pray today for your mighty, powerful presence in the courtroom today Father, surround the family, the jurors … many names and requests were lifted last night and I just pray you will surround those families as well. Lead and guide me today and in the days ahead that I become stronger in your Word and can find peace that only comes from You. To my friends that are experiencing their own trials, you know their names, their needs, I lift them to You. I pray for our country, our leaders, and the church. I pray that I can stay focused on You and our church, growing more spiritually that I may face my trials and burdens suited up with the armor that comes from You. I am needy Father, I need YOU today and always. I need direction on decisions I am facing … I need strength for my family. Thank you for the beautiful sunshine today; Thank you for saving grace. I love you and thank you. Be with me, be with my family, my friends… in His precious name I pray these things, Amen.”


2 thoughts on “Don’t hide . . .

  1. It is so amazing how often we find ourselves wanting to run and hide. But in reality where can we hide that God does not see. It is not so much as to hide from God but the thought we hide because of the shame of being so unworthy. I like eve have found myself doubting and even disobeying the very things God has commanded in his word. So I run to hide in shame. But I thank God even when I’m completely guilty he still comes looking for me . I’m glad too know the real hiding place for the child of God is under his wings.

  2. Amy, Your worlds are so uplifting and so very much needed. I pray also for Alexis and her family during this nightmare. I am so very blessed that you are in my life. Love you, chick!

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