This is God’s Country …

this is god's country ...

A beautiful spring Saturday spent with Bill and Davaney – one that just took us around a big loop! It was truly ‘living in the moment’. We left home that morning, just the two of us, with a plan to visit the local farmers market. After a phone call to Amber, our plans quickly changed. We decided to invite Davaney to join us, which landed us at their home. We were able to see (hold) sweet Madeline Faith and steal some kisses, then we grabbed Davaney’s overnight bag, and our journey began.

What an incredible day! We shopped for some edible plants to add to our property (kiwi and grapes); we enjoyed buying fresh produce from the farmers market; we enjoyed traveling across the mountain and sharing stories with Davaney; we had lunch at a local eatery, then we ended up at the local strawberry patch.

So what’s so special, you may ask – I think it was the idea of climbing back in the truck and thinking “ok, what next? What can we do? Where will we stop?” It was the spontaneity of it all; it was seeing Davaney’s excitement about our next stop. The very special moment for me, and one that prompted my urge to write was a statement by a complete stranger: “this is God’s country”!

We were busy picking strawberries, and admiring the absolutely breathtaking views. We saw many different folks along the rows of berries, and one couple commented on the beauty of the area. As it turned it, they had relocated to Virginia from Texas, and she expressed her unhappiness about their relocation. When I heard her say “this is God’s country”, I couldn’t help but ask where they lived in Virginia. It turned out they resided in the city. Surely their views and surroundings were quite different from the mountains we are blessed to see daily, but what I later considered was simple: God’s country is everywhere. He surrounds us. The issue is whether we live in His country – and if we allow Him to live in ours!


So yeah, I will admit: I’m partial to my surroundings. I absolutely LOVE the mountains; I love the fresh air; I love living on my great-grandparents farm. All these things remind me of God’s presence, but I’ve been in cities and other places and He’s always there beside me! He surrounds me … but I had to ask Him first to be part of my life. I have to remain in tune with my surroundings to ensure He’s always there. I’ve learned that even in what seems to be my darkest time, He is by my side.

With the recent trials my family has experienced, I consider these reminders from Him. God speaks and directs my path; He reminds me when things seem tough. I need only focus on the moment, living out the adventure of the present time and consciously acknowledging the blessings of that time. It is days like this that just touch me in a way that only comes from Him.

Thank you Lord for many blessings … my family; my home; the mountains that surround me; the freedom to get up and drive out and witness your beauty!


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