Family vacation = great memories

Amy & Bill (OBX 2014)

Amy & Bill (OBX 2014)


We just returned from an awesome week at OBX. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by family – I experienced times during the week when I actually hurt from laughing. It was perfect … it will be cherished forever. We had four generations under one roof and I am certain we all left with more family memories. It was a time of relaxation, a time to de-stress, and a time to unwind.

Our first week back includes the start of Bill’s radiation treatments, oral surgery for Elizabeth (4 wisdom teeth to come out), not to mention the procedure to remove fluid from Bill’s back (after 9 surgeries). Friend, I admit I wonder how we get through; I get mad at myself for wondering ‘why’. I hurt to see him hurt, to know that under his smile is constant pain. And now, added to the back issues, is the cancer. Bill’s been my strength and coach through my own anxiety, despite his ongoing struggles. He remains so strong in his faith and is constantly reminding me, and others, that God’s got this! I have to tell you, God has worked in powerful ways in our lives! Through all this, even when I feel overwhelmed and share my stories, I do so to encourage … it is therapy for me to write. I am able to record the testimonies of all He’s done for us – and it reassures me things will work out.

We heard an awesome message on Sunday: ‘what to do in the meantime’. It really hit home. We are living in the meantime. And what I understand is simple: in the meantime, as we face these struggles, we are to live each day, each moment, focusing on: the promises of God; His word; our faith; our strong belief that despite the circumstances, we are not alone. Our strength is our Heavenly Father! He is our rock and even though our ground seems unsteady, it really is not! He’s got this.

This morning, as I prepared to leave for work, I admit I was feeling a mess – I was anxious. Bill was headed off for his back procedure (with Elizabeth and Mom).   I was getting ready for work, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Bill raised his hands, waved them around, and said to me:   “God is all around you – He is with us, He is here”.

Then, before I could get out of our driveway, I received a message that a friend had sent to our prayer warriors, asking them to keep Bill in prayer this week. That, my friend, is the power of God that provides our strength! Just when things feel like they are crumbling, He provides the next bit of strength, to get us through the next moment.

We are living our life in the meantime … cancer cannot steal our beliefs nor our spirit. We serve an awesome God who can handle all our issues. I encourage you: remember the meantime – praise Him, even in the storms!


6 thoughts on “Family vacation = great memories

  1. Hi Amy! Keeping Bill in my prayers! Your faith in God will get the both of you thru this. God knows exactly what you need, who you need, when you need it! Keep CALM, God’s GOT THIS! My thoughts and prayers are with you both! Amy, you are such a beautiful person! Love reading your messages!

  2. Thank you for sharing your testimony. My prayers are with you and your family. You are so right when you say “God’s got this”……sending lots of love your way.

  3. Amy, so thankful you and your family had a wonderful vacation. I enjoyed your pictures. Bill will be in my prayers as well as your family. I hope taking the fluid off helped his back. Also that the radiation gets rid of the cancer. Hope that he won’t feel too bad from the radiation. I know God can work miracles as he just worked one for me. I have a dear friend that had breast cancer 8 year ago and then last year lymphoma. This April they told her to get her affairs in order as the cancer was worse. Then about three weeks ago after more chemo she went to dr and he said she was in remission. So thankful and I know God heard our prayers. With care, Joanne

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