the phone call . . .

Many of you know about my mom’s recent car accident. It was the phone call you don’t want to receive .. the news you don’t want to hear .. the scene you don’t want to visit.

I’m thankful to report she’s mending after 5 day hospital care ( currently in rehab for physical therapy).  So here’s the deal, I am experiencing days where I  feel like i’m actually sleep walking.  i’m mentally, physically and emotionally drained.  and THEN…I see firsthand how tired Bill is from his ongoing radiation treatments.  I hear the hurt in a mother’s voice that just lost her son to cancer.  I witness a co-worker’s hurt as she lives the cancer journey with her husband.  I hear the pleas for prayer from our church family.  And, I am reminded that our life on this earth is not always easy.  we will face valleys … we will live (so it seems) in the valleys.  we will have times when we don’t feel strength to take the next step.

But what i’m learning, repeatedly, is our Heavenly Father will see us through these times. I’m not sure why this latest event in our life, but i know that in the short 10 day period, my family has strengthened.  we are witnessing the many friends we have — supporting us in prayer, food, transportation … just helping us tackle the tough times.  God has blessed us in many ways, He is still blessing us, and He shows me in ways that just blow my mind.  will this ever make sense to me?  i really don’t know.  I do know, however, that it reminds me how precious life can be.  It reminds me to take time out for the little things … i think i’ve actually written this but it just keeps coming back to me.  And to accompany this ‘brainstorm”, is a verse in Psalms (46:10) —  “Be still, and know that I am God […]”

I have been so guilty of getting caught up in the craziness of life and I am hearing and knowing that I need to slow down, put God first, and embrace His will.  This verse has actually appeared so many times lately … in blogs i read, face book posts … do i think it’s coincidental?  NO, i don’t.  I’m feeling the need to slow down, know Him and seek His will even more;  to  embrace family, memories we make together, times we share —

Since the accident, i awakened early one morning (before daylight) and had the sudden desire to write.  The stillness of the hour, the calm, peaceful feeling, the words that appeared so rapidly on my little ‘note’ page of my iphone … yes, it was my still time with a Heavenly Father that reminded me that I am not alone in any circumstance.  I knew it was time to share and profess.  i have continued to wake early most mornings since then, and i try to use this time to talk to God.  to thank Him. to really just “be still”.

These are random thoughts, feelings … if you are totally confused, just get this one point:  BE STILL and get to KNOW HIM.   Let Him lead your steps.


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