I’ll never forget the day – September 11, 2001. I was working. Suddenly, I overheard chatter of a plane crash, then another, then possible hijacking … I was frightened beyond words. I rushed up to our conference room where employees had started to gather to watch the news. I honestly felt like it couldn’t be real. I was frightened, upset, hurt, and most of all, I WANTED MY FAMILY!

Even though I worked 35 miles from home, and was carpooling on that day, I called home and my Dad drove to pick me up. We talked all the way back home, and I still have vivid memories of just wanting to be surrounded by my entire family. I wanted everyone close … I was frightened for what might happen next. It was a relief to be with my Dad, he always made me feel protected. We talked of our world, the condition of life and how things had drastically changed over the years.

As we approach the anniversary, I reminisce. I miss my Dad; I am thankful for him, for his comforting words and support on that day. I’m happy today that I know regardless of what may happen in this world, I have an eternal home. I will be reunited with Daddy, and the struggles and destruction that surrounds us today will not exist.

I was blessed to read a devotion this week and it talked about God’s love for us. I have been touched by the words, the reminders that are found in my bible. How could we be living in such turmoil? the cruel acts. destruction. war. fighting.

I’m here to confess that 13 years ago I could not take you to a specific place or time when I pleaded for His forgiveness, for His grace and asked him to save me. Today, I do know I am saved! I am ready for whatever my future holds. It’s truly in His hands, and I trust that my eternal home awaits me. For now, I pray for our country. I pray for the soldiers who were lost in battles, those still fighting. I praise God for my family, my church, my freedom to worship and grow my relationship with Him. I pray for those that are struggling. God’s love for us is everlasting (Jere 31:3); it’s merciful (Psalms 31:21).

Praying and looking up tonight as we approach a sad, historical day … may you feel God’s blessings and love in all you do! I encourage you to take time to love Him, to share your feelings with family and friends, to live in such a way you’ll have no regrets. Allow God’s love to embrace all you do…


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