Granny, can we pray?

Bring on the New Year …
I will be the first to admit: What in the world happened to 2014? I do not know about you, but it was a whirlwind for me. Let me just share some highlights and give a praise report for God’s mighty presence and blessings during our year —

He blessed us with a precious granddaughter in February. Madeline Faith Truslow is such a joy to each of us and we love the grandparent role! Thank you Jesus for our granddaughters, Davaney and Madeline.

He surrounded and showed us grace throughout Bill’s cancer news and ongoing treatments. We felt blessed by the outpouring of love and care during this time.

His protection and embrace of Mom during her car accident. Jesus took the wheel, no doubt in my mind!

He allowed us valuable time together with family & friends.image

He blessed us with an awesome little country church that means more than I can even describe.

What’s great about reflecting on the year is the ability to see how far we have come; I honestly cannot imagine how I (we) would have done this without our Heavenly Father. He blesses us with strength, with friends and support systems that are there, ‘just when you feel like you are about to hit rock bottom’. As hard as it may have seemed then, I trust all the happenings were according to His will. Looking back reminds me: life just works best if I lay it all at the cross.

I want to share a special story about a very special someone in my life, Davaney Marie, our 8 year old granddaughter! Early January, just before school started back, she was spending the weekend with us. We had shared a busy day together. Finally, at midnight, I told her it was time to sleep! I turned off the television, and soon thereafter, I heard her soft sweet voice “Granny, can we pray?”

Friend, it touched my heart – those words just melted me! Of course, I agreed it was an excellent plan. She informed me that we would both pray, taking turns. It was a very touching time and I just thanked God for her. She prayed about things that I never imagined would cross her mind. It reminded me that children are very aware of things all around them, the good and the bad. It was a special time to hear her talking to God; I just don’t think I will ever lose that memory. Thank you Jesus for special moments like this!

My ideas/goals for the 2015 are simple: live life, cherish special times, praise God every day, and share His blessings with others. And if I experience a rough season(s), I plan to revisit that night and Davaney’s sweet innocent voice asking: “Granny, can we pray?”

Is there really a better way to deal with joy, peace and uncertainties than on our knees in prayer?

Let Him shine in all you do,


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