Radiation treatments are done!

Bill COMPLETED his last radiation treatment yesterday.  Eight weeks, the entire summer, 42 treatments … DONE DONE DONE!

I’m relieved, we are all relieved.   I re-read a previous post about living ‘in the meantime’.   That is what we have done as a family during this time. We have surrounded ourselves with each other, we have been blessed by the outreach of our church, friends, co-workers, and we kept right on trucking along.   I’m not sure I’ll find the words to express our gratitude – every act of outreach was appreciated. I experienced  times when I felt so discouraged, and then I’d receive a text/phone call/card … it meant so much.

So what’s next?   Healing for Bill.  Lots more family togetherness. Lots more laughter and plans for things we all enjoy.  We embrace everything from day-to-day chores, to trips and fun stuff. I received a book mark (which I’ve included as photo) and it truly says so much about cancer.  We, as a family, are definitely on a mission to make the most out of each day … we will not allow the cancer to shatter our hope or our faith; we are moving forward and making lots more memories!



I would like to encourage you to pray .. for Bill’s healing, for others fighting the fight, for family, friends, our country.  I also encourage you to focus on what makes you happy;  and even what makes others happy.   During the past eight weeks, we have  been so blessed by the outreach  shown to us.  Oftentimes, it was the acts of kindness that gave me /us strength to keep going forward.  Join me in prayer, in outreach to those in need.  It’s great medicine for the soul, and it means so much when you are ‘living in the valley’.

IN closing, wanted to share some good news:  Mom is healing well.  It’s been five weeks since the accident and she’s home and recovering.  Elizabeth started her senior year in high school.  Bill and I will celebrate our anniversary in just a few weeks — 30 years!!

Keep looking up and letting Him shine in all you do,